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Eco-Chic: 5 Sustainable Fashion Brands & Fresh Care Tips

At GreenEarth Cleaning, we have spent the past decade immersing ourselves in sustainable fashion. This journey has led us to discover and curate a list of the top five fair trade and eco-friendly clothing brands organized by budget. As we become more conscious about our purchases, we must consider the origins and impact of the clothes we wear. Our spending choices can either support or harm the people and resources involved in making our clothing. Choosing sustainable fashion, and even better, secondhand options, can significantly reduce the detrimental effects of fast fashion on our planet.

Why Wear Sustainable Clothing?

If you’re new to sustainable fashion, you may be surprised by the price tags. However, it’s important to understand that these brands are not meant to be consumed at the same rate as fast fashion. Sustainable fashion brands prioritize eco-friendly practices, ethical production standards, timeless design, and high-quality essentials that last. Unlike fast fashion items that often need replacing every season, these pieces are designed to be worn for years.

When it’s time to update our wardrobes, we turn to slow fashion brands. Each of the five brands listed below is committed to ethical and transparent garment production, considering both people and the planet. Many of these brands have third-party sustainable and ethical certifications. Creating a more sustainable wardrobe doesn’t require buying everything new at once. Start with what you have, mend pieces you love, and build your closet slowly and intentionally.

Top Sustainable Fashion Brands

  1. tentree
  • Best For: Cozy, casual essentials
  • Sustainability: Fair Trade certified ethical manufacturing
  • Size Range: XS–XXL

tentree makes Earth-first essentials using sustainable materials. For every item purchased, ten trees are planted, with over 73 million trees planted to date. The brand offers lifestyle and loungewear made from Tencel, hemp, and organic cotton. Tentree’s commitment to the environment and community is evident in every piece.


  1. Pact
  • Best For: Fair trade organic cotton basics
  • Sustainability: Fair Trade Certified, organic cotton, recycled & biodegradable packaging, donation program for used clothes
  • Size Range: XS–2XL; up to US 20

Pact is dedicated to making super-soft sustainable clothes for kids and adults that also benefit the world. The brand ensures its entire supply chain, from growing organic cotton to final sewing, is responsible and clean. Pact is our go-to for basics and underwear, offering carbon-offset shipping for a more sustainable purchase.

  1. Kotn
  • Best For: Egyptian cotton wardrobe staples
  • Sustainability: Organic cotton, safe & fair labor standards, plastic-free packaging, nontoxic dyes, gives back to Egyptian communities
  • Size Range: XXS–XXL; up to US 16

Kotn offers luxury basics made from Egyptian cotton. The brand creates garments in a fair and safe environment and helps suppliers transition to organic cotton. As a certified B Corp, Kotn has impacted over 100,000 lives in Egypt by building schools and funding farms. Its high-quality tees are designed to last beyond 30 wears.

  1. Fair Indigo
  • Best For: Organic basics
  • Sustainability: Organic cotton, safe dyes, fair wages, artisan-made, gives back via Fair Indigo Foundation
  • Size Range: XS–XL; up to US 18

Fair Indigo focuses on creating long-lasting clothes, like the Forever Organic Tees made from organic Peruvian Pima cotton. The brand’s garments are made with sustainability and ethical practices in mind, offering affordable organic basics and artisan-made accessories.

  1. Quince
  • Best For: Affordable silk & cashmere
  • Sustainability: BCSI-certified ethical production, sustainable & organic materials, OEKO-TEX certified, virgin plastic-free
  • Size Range: XS–XL; up to US 16

Quince aims to make ethical and eco-friendly clothing accessible to everyone. The brand offers versatile, effortless basics like Mulberry silk tops and cashmere cardigans, all delivered in plastic-free packaging. Quince’s mission is to make sustainability the standard, not a luxury.

Making a Sustainable Choice

Embracing sustainable fashion means making informed choices about what we wear. By choosing brands committed to ethical practices and environmental sustainability, we can reduce the impact of our wardrobe on the planet. To ensure your new sustainable purchases stay fresh and last longer, bring them to your nearest GreenEarth Affiliate store. Our eco-friendly cleaning methods protect your garments and extend their lifespan, allowing you to enjoy your thoughtfully chosen pieces for years to come. Visit our store locator to find the closest GreenEarth Affiliate and experience the difference our gentle, planet-friendly cleaning can make.