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Do not use at-home stain removers on suede; they may create a stain of their own.
Use a nail file or suede brush to rub away dirt and dried mud from suede shoes. This also works for scuff marks.
Oily stains like salad dressing, butter, and mayonnaise can be absorbed by talcum powder or cornstarch. Let the powder sit on the stain until it has been soaked up, then brush off. Take to a dry cleaner to remove any remaining stain.
To help stop an ink stain from setting, use a damp—but not wet—cloth to gently wipe. Take the garment to a professional for complete stain removal.
If a stain is severe, take the garment to a dry cleaner using GreenEarth—it is safe for suedes and leathers and the most gentle dry cleaning solution to get the stain out.